We organize marine logistics

Identification of regulatory constraints according to:

    • the choice of the shooting site
    • the diving equipment used
    • the type of boat
    • the qualification of service providers

Requests for filming authorizations

Management of materiel stock

Management of leases

Reservation/organisation with service providers

Handling equipment during filming


Diving Boats

Our expertise in the marine environment allows us to respond to your needs as closely as possible:

The semi-rigid (from 7.50 m to 12 m long): fast boat, mat, for a small budget

Aluminum or composite boats (from 10 m long): For a larger work surface and better protection of the equipment and the team

Ships “In the picture”: We can also meet your boat needs built into the film.


We offer a wide range of equipment to optimize your underwater shooting :

– Our high-power submarine lighting up to 450 Klumens

– Our underwater scooters, to increase the range and safety of your extras

– Our underwater rebreather, to optimize filming time

– etc

surface feedback

Installation for the inter-com bottom / bottom and / or bottom / surface and video feedback, for:

– Simplified communication between divers

– Simplified communication between the surface crew (the director) and the dive leader and / or assistant divers.

– Video streaming to surface monitor

– Camera control from the surface

recreational submarines

We also offer hiring of recreational submarine for the needs of the film or to follow us in our underwater shootings.

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