La quête du sauvage

quete du sauvage portfolio bluearth

Between his multiple missions as an underwater stuntman, apneist Morgan Bour’chis embarks onto a marine odyssea in the Norwegian Great North.

On the territory of the Sami, last Native People of Europe, fjords are unique points of convergence for orcas, whales and herrings.

He will be immersing himself deep into the fjords’ waters, as well as within the culture of the Sami People, trying to comprehend how they connect with the wildlife that surrounds them.

 In doing so, he will experience the harshness of the Far North, ice-cold waters, frustration, so as to come into close contact with the greatest predators that the oceans ever carried.

 Producer: Bluearth production

Film Director: Jean Charles Granjo

Technical means: Bluearth-production

Pictures: Jean Charles Granjon



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