Training – Underwater Operator



  • Fiction and documentary operator.
  • Have taken training on shooting with RAW camera (Cifap, Ina etc …) or attest to a 2nd assistant experience on Red, Sony & Arri or attest to an underwater operator experience
  • Level 2 (CMAS) diver with the ability to certify a minimum of 100 dives in the last 3 years or a Class 1B or 1A diver or equivalent international diploma

Goals and objectives:

  • Understand the technical constraints related to the environment of an underwater shoot.
  • Prepare a underwater multi camera housing on different technical configurations.
  • Provide underwater crew shooting in various situations.

Strengths of the course:

  • Intervention of a director of photography (Cinema and animal documentary), a director of Diving.
  • 3 underwater camera housings, DSLR equipment, Canon / Red / Arri film equipment.
  • Practical situation at sea assisted by aquatic intercom.

Number of hours:

  • 40h for 5 days


  • Jean Charles GRANJON: Director of photography & diver with international shooting experience.
  • Bruno Scheerlinck: Diving Director.



Day 1: Academic courses on the use of underwater camera housing and the environment of an underwater shooting.

Day 2: The implementation of a underwater multi-camera housing

Day 3: Underwater shooting in RAW cameras

Day 4: Implementation of an underwater shoot with intercom and surface feedback

Day 5: Implementation of an underwater shooting with lighting

Course dates: 10/06/2019 to 14/06/2019

Program and price:right here 

Financing of the training: 

Possible funding by your OPCA, employment center or your employer.
Please contact our partner Media-Med .

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