What are the solutions brought to the actors for an underwater shooting?

If he wishes it, when an actor must evolve in an easy-access and shallow environment, it is possible to make him intervene personally. We can also offer you quick and tailor-made training to provide your actors with the necessary skills to respond to the underwater sequences you have planned.

However, in most cases, and for safety reasons, we accompany you in the choice of your underwater doubles/stuntmen. Thanks to its experience, Bluearth Studio works with different freedivers and professional divers adapted to your needs. We also propose accessories necessary for your shooting (wig, false belly, …).

The physical parameters of underwater environment are quite different from what we know on the surface:

    • Increase in hydrostatic pressure along with the increase in depth
    • Decrease of natural light
    • Increase in conductivity leading to a considerable increase in thermal exchanges
    • Speed of sound is greater in aquatic than in aerial environments.…

People working in the underwater environment must have an excellent knowledge of these phenomena. They must also have all the technical skills to evolve with ease in this environment in order to be totally available to respond to the specific tasks and instructions of the shooting.