MARINE Coordination

We take care of the marine management

Identification of regulatory constraints with respect to:

    • the choice of the site
    • the diving equipment used
    • the type of boat
    • the qualification of the providers

Applications for filming permits:

  • Management of the material stock
  • Rental management
  • Booking/organization with providers
  • Management of the proper functioning of the equipment during the shooting


icone commande ethernet
Vessels : Shooting support

Our expertise in the marine environment allows us to meet your needs:

  • The semi-rigid (from 7.50 m to 12 m long): fast, all-purpose boat, for a small budget
  • Aluminum or composite boats (from 10 m long): For a larger working area and better protection of the equipment and the team
  • Vessels “present in the picture”: We can also meet your needs for a boat integrated into the film.
icone retour video
Marine and underwater machinery

We offer a wide range of equipment to optimize your underwater filming:

  • Our high-power underwater lighting of up to 450 Klumens
  • Our underwater scooters, to increase the range of action and the safety of your extras
  • Our underwater rebreathers, to optimize the shooting time
  • Very large format and fully submersible boundary lights
icone communication fond surface
recreational submarine

We also offer the use of recreational submarines for the needs of the film or accompany our underwater shootings.

icone alimentation
Return surface

We offer you the installation of the inter-com background/background and/or background/surface and the video return, for a:

  • Simplified communication between the teams in immersion
  • Simplified communication between the surface team (the director) and the underwater chief operator and/or the diving assistants.
  • Video broadcast to surface monitor
  • Possible control of the camera from the surface

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