Line PROduction

Bluearth Studio

35 years of immersion in all oceans, 25 years of accompanying divers and snorkelers in all situations, 20 years of international underwater and marine photography, and 20 years of technical development. Bluearth was already a passion before becoming a studio.


We put our expertise and experience of the marine world at the service of your projects, to intervene in all the trades of marine and underwater line production. This aquatic ambition extends to all types of production. From Hollywood feature films to music videos from Marseille, find all our underwater executive production projects in our portfolio.

Location scouting

In 30 years of immersions and 15 years of filming we have travelled the world and found exceptional locations.

Our regional coastline is also rich in sceneries, real natural studios on our doorstep.


We train the actors to play certain shots. Very few of them have the experience and skills necessary for the whole underwater acting. An underwater double is then necessary, we work with the best divers and apneists.


Underwater camera operators know how to anticipate and integrate the constraints of an underwater shoot. They share their knowledge with the whole team for the best shooting time.

marine coordination

We facilitate the logistics of underwater filming. We manage the hyperbaric equipment, the diving supports as well as the regulatory obligations. We adapt the diving techniques.