Sensory odyssey

For this exhibition on a sensory exploration of life, mounted in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, we shot 15 days in Mayotte and 10 days in Greenland in RED Helium 8K with Canon and Nikon lenses. In Mayotte, we worked on tripods, sometimes in the middle of the current, setting up green backgrounds in situ to bring back pieces of coral reef in images. Dozens of hours of immersion in an incredible environment of beauty to recreate in post-production an ideal reef on a 12m wide wall. We also shot in UV light (nearly 70 KLumens of UV at wavelengths that are harmless to the life being filmed) to enchant the nights of the island. In Greenland, we told the life of icebergs. For that, we immersed ourselves for 10 days on the drifting ice cliffs of this colossus in water at 0°c.

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon

Equipment: RED Helium 

Catégorie : Documentaire