Candice Renoir

candice renoir portfolio bluearth

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon

Equipment : Caisson SUBSPACE/Caméra RAW Canon C200

  • Supporting boat for filming / Pilot / Machinery
  • One underwater cinematographer
  • An assistant diver (lighting)
  • One extra diver
  • Surface return/surface intercom
  • Underwater lighting
  • Cathering

Directors: Solen Roy-Pagenault / Robin Barataud / Brigitte Peskine

Casting: Cécile Bois / Raphaël Lenglet / Yeelem Jappain

Category: TV Serie

Synopsis: Candice Renoir has four children, and has not worked for ten years to follow her husband abroad. Now separated from her husband, she resumes a position as a group leader at the Public Investigation Security in the south of France.