Les gardiennes de la planète – Jean-Albert Lièvre

This Netflix documentary directed by Ian Derry follows freediver Johanna Norblad as she attempts to break the world record for freediving under the ice. For the shooting of this film, our underwater director of photography, Jean-Charles Granjon, realized two sessions of shooting under the ice in a rebreather in water at 1°c and by -15°c outside in Canon C200 – RAW. Images were shot in the south and north of Finland for a breathtaking film.

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon (Underwater DOP) 

Equipment: RED Helium 

Réalisateurs: Ian Derry

Casting: Johanna Nordblad

Distribution: Netflix

Category: Documentaire

Synopsis: In this documentary, follow freediver Johanna Nordblad as she attempts to break the world record for the longest distance freediving under the ice.