La quête du sauvage

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon

Director: Jean-Charles Granjon

Casting: Morgan Bourc’his

Diffusion: Ushuaïa TV

Category: Documentary

Synopsis: Three-time world champion freediver Morgan Bourc’his embarks on a marine odyssey in the Norwegian Sea. In the heart of the Sami territory, the last indigenous people of Europe, the fjords are unique gathering points for orcas, whales and herrings. He spends several seasons in contact with whalers, scientists and Sámi, diving into the fjords as well as into each other’s worlds to understand their links with the wild world. To reach his goal, he will go through the ordeals of the Great North; the cold, the frustration and especially the immersion in contact with the most powerful predators of the oceans. The quest for nature is an intimate adventure and the testimony of a change of state of mind essential to accomplish the reconexion of the human to nature.