Les vieux fourneaux

les vieux fourneaux portfolio bluearth

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon 

Technical means: Caisson SUBSPACE / Caméra RAW Canon C200

  • Supporting boat for filming / Pilot / Machinery
  • An underwater cinematographer
  • One assistant diver (lighting)
  • Two rebreather divers (security)
  • Two underwater scooters
  • One stunt diver
  • Surface return / surface bottom intercom
  • Underwater lighting
  • Cathering
  • Nautical control room for 9 people

Directors: Christophe Duthuron

Casting: Pierre Richard / Eddy Mitchell / Alice Pol

Distribution: Gaumont Distribution

Category: Long-métrage

Synopsis: Antoine has just lost his wife. His childhood friends, Pierrot and Mimile, join him to mourn his sweet Lucette. By an unfortunate chance, Antoine comes across an old letter telling him that his late wife cheated on him with Armand Garan-Servier 50 years ago. Mad with rage, he takes his gun and hits the road to find this man and kill him.