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For the shooting of an episode of the France 3 series by Marwen Abdallah, we trained the actress, chose her understudy, and staged an apnea sequence on cable. Of course, we also shot the sequence in connection with Marwen, connected to our team in image return and bottom-to-surface intercom.

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon 

Equipment: dedicated housing / Ethernet surface control / video / power / intercom

Réalisateurs : Marwen Abdallah

Casting: Alexia Barlier / Christiana Réali

Category: Tv serie

Synopsis: In Provence, the mood is festive: Sandra, the daughter of a renowned restaurateur, is getting married. On this occasion, Alice is back after four years of absence. But the joy of the reunion is short-lived: a few hours after the ceremony, the bride is found dead at the bottom of a cliff. But what at first glance looks like a suicide could well be a murder. Vincent, a close relative of the family, starts to investigate and, by lifting the curtain of appearances, comes across some very dark family secrets…