Notre tout petit PETIT mariage – Frederic quiring

Jean-Charles Granjon directed the underwater shots of this film as a cameraman. Our operator was equipped with a splashbag housing with an Arri Mini LF camera and a Zeiss lens from the Master Prime series.

Image-sous marines : Jean-Charles Granjon (DOP sous-marin)

Moyens techniques : RED Helium / Splash bag

Réalisateurs : Frédéric Quiring

Casting : Ahmed SYLLA / Camille LOU

Distribution : UGC Distribution

Catégorie : Long-métrage

Synopsis : Max and Lou have made a promise to each other. For their wedding it will be only them and their witnesses. But that… That was without counting on the HUGE surprise party that awaits them! They wanted to be 4, they find themselves 300 and everything is going to get out of control very quickly… They were dreaming small, small… They will have big, VERY VERY big!