OUI/JA – Thomas Bourguignon

For this Franco-German series we shot with RED Helium and Angénieux EZ2 zoom near the Serre-Ponçon Lake. We also shot a diving sequence on the surface. We trained the actor and set up his security to shoot in a natural setting in water at 11°C.

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon 

Equipment: RED Helium

Directors: Thomas Bourguignon

Casting: Bruno Solo / Ophelia Kolb / Anne Le Ny

Category: Série TV

Synopsis:A group of German high school students arrive in a village in the Alpes-Maritimes in the summer of 1982. They get to know each other with their French pen pals against the backdrop of the World Cup soccer tournament. The teenagers seem to be releasing dark forces from the time of the Purge (1944).