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Underwater lighting / underwater studio dressing and diving safety / 5 diving technicians / 1 chief engineer / 3 x 150 000 Lumens.

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon 

Equipment: RED Helium / Splash bag

Directors: Antonio Negret

Casting: Scott Eastwood / Freddie Thorp / Ana de Armas

Distribution: Océans Films / Paramounts Pictures

Category: Features film

Synopsis: Brothers Andrew and Garrett Foster are exceptional drivers, but also exceptional thieves. Their specialty: stealing the most expensive cars in the world. In Marseille, they manage to steal a sublime 1937 BUGATTI, jewel of the exceptional collection of Jacomo Morier, godfather of the local Mafia. The latter then decides to use their talent to his advantage against his sworn enemy, Max Klemp.