Silence en méditerranée

The “world of silence” sea? An idea deeply rooted in the collective unconscious … Yet it is an environment in which marine weightlessness allows sound to travel thousands of kilometers, hearing dominates the view.
The parenthesis of confinement has created an “anthropic silence”. In this silence emerges a song, that of the wild world, which uses sound to communicate and find one’s bearings. How to harmonize this sound territory with that of human activities, more and more invasive? To find out, I choose to embark the audience on a sensory odyssey, emphasizing the sonic reality of the ocean. We will explore the Mediterranean coast and the open sea, from Corsica to Occitania, from confinement to the “world after”. On board a sailboat, we will meet scientists and committed men and women who seek to define a harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


Producted by Bluearth Production coproducted with France 3 PACA

Director : Jean Charles Granjon

Technical means : Bluearth Production

Image : Jean Charles Granjon