transferts serie TV portfolio Bluearth

Underwater shots: Jean-Charles Granjon

Equipment: Tournage sous marin / Casting doublure / Sony RAW 2K sous-marin / retour vidéo / 2 embarcations / 5 techniciens

Réalisateurs: Claude Scasso et Patrick Benedek

Diffuser: Arte

Category: Série TV

Synopsis: In the near future, the transfer of the spirit from one body to another, made possible by a mysterious substance, has made it possible to save lives, generated clandestine trafficking, also transformed the view of faith, and awakened fantasies of immortality… In this world in loss of references, Florian, a father in a coma for several years, wakes up in the body of Sylvain, a police captain and member of a brigade specialized in illegal “transfers”.


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