Ten years ago, Frédéric Tardieu discovered the island of Pangatalan. They encounter a sick island, attacked on its soil and under
its surface by human aggression. Dynamite fishing has destroyed many vital coral reefs
for marine biodiversity.
Tree planting, scientific studies, reconstruction of coral reefs… The island is regenerating itself at the cost of one
financial stripping. In return, this former real estate developer, suffering from incurable cancer, is experimenting with a
psychological and spiritual stripping that he considers beneficial. But time is running out. He him
must now perpetuate and pass on the hard work he put in to save Pantagalan.
The few families who live near the island often have no resources other than fishing. The
economic pressure came to upset the traditional balances. How to convince these elders
dynamite fishermen to become the future guardians of a natural paradise?


Posted on

27 September 2022