TE VAANUI – A marquisian odyssey

To respond to a dream in which the ocean appealed to him, a Polynesian with boundless determination dared to swim across the sea.

If his great-grandfather Tioki already rode the whales, Ishmael swims today to rehabilitate the Polynesian wisdom and environmental values ​​dear to his ancestors.
Marquisian of origin, Ishmael is at the dawn of his biggest challenge. After twenty years in the metropolis, far from its archipelago of birth, it prepares to join the Henua Enana, one of the archipelagoes of French Polynesia known nowadays under the name of Marquesas Islands, the “Earth of the men”.

His journey between five inhabited islands of the Marquises will be punctuated by a period of spiritual and meditative swimming. it is for the Marquisian an act of faith. An answer to the call of the ocean. During his layovers, he will meet people who are involved in the culture of his community. To settle his debt to the ocean and testify to the Marquesan cultural awakening.

Produced by Bluearth production with the participation of France O and CNC. Shoot in 4K

TV Chanel: France Ô, France 3 Thalassa, Arte, TVP